What's On Saturday 18th Oct

After the success of last year's event Barnsley Hospital Charity are hosting this yet again in 2014. This is an adventure run like no other! A 5k course littered with obstacles including hoardes of the living dead!

Each runner will be awarded a utility belt at the start with 3 lives attached, get to the end of the course with at least 1 in tact and you have survived the apocolypse...if not, welcome to the world of the undead!

All funds raised from this event will support the work of Barnsley Hospital Charity.
All runners will be required to pay a registration fee and will also be asked to raise sponsorship for the ...read more
Mars : talk by Trish Simmons
Dr. George King was a Master of the ancient science of Yoga. He used his advanced psychic abilities to become a channel for spiritual guidance and knowledge from Cosmic Intelligences, who reside in higher vibrations, on Mars and on other planets in our solar system. These revelations are crucially important to mankind as he enters the space age. everyone is offered the opportunity to cooperate with these compassionate Beings, through spiritual action, to bring lasting peace and freedom on Earth.
Coinciding with Uncommon Ground: Land Art in Britain 1966 – 1979, David Nash returns to YSP in 2014 following his major 2010 exhibition at the Park. Two contrasting works, White Planting and Black Dome, overlook the Park's historic lakes demonstrating the artist's eloquent understanding of trees and the different properties of wood. Echoing Nash's famous Ash Dome, planted in 1977, White Planting comprises 49 Himalayan birch trees, which, planted in seven rows of seven, will grow to form a white cube on the lake's embankment. Referencing the natural cycle of wood, Black Dome is made from coal and charred oak. The work complements Nash's site specific Seventy-one Steps, a commission on the walking route to Longside Gallery.
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