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Othello (Icarus Theatre Collective and King's Theatre, Southsea)

A tempestuous journey from scandal and intrigue to lust and vengeance.

Date: Wednesday 26 March
Venue: Assembly Room
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: £13 / £11 (Full price/Concession)

Othello is a legend in his own lifetime: noble, brave, victorious. Honest Iago fuels his venom with malignance and hateful contempt. Poignant, intense, and heart breaking, Othello mercilessly explores every inch of the human condition.

A live string quartet and a stunning ensemble cast combine with some of literature’s most vibrant language and characters to bring Othello’s world vividly to life. Shakespeare’s classic and dangerous story of ambition, jealousy and love will unfurl as this tale of deception hurtles toward its dramatic and poignant conclusion.

Recommended for ages 11+

“A dramatic and spectacular show."

"A truly extraordinary fusion of music and drama... both sophisticated and explosive."


Entry Price: £ 13.00

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Othello (Icarus Theatre Collective and King's Theatre, Southsea)