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Sacha Ferrier: Transience

Barnsley-based Sacha Ferrier began experimenting with digital photography in 2011. For him, photography opened up a pathway into a world of emotion and understanding that has enabled him to make sense of experiences and questions that have brewed inside for many years.

Date: Friday 7 March - Saturday 3 May
Venue: Gallery@
Time: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

To be able to grasp thoughts and observations by the scruff of the neck and place them into some form of reason allows him the time to take a breath, observe in detail without fear of forgetting, and finally move forward knowing that all will be preserved.

Ferrier has a penchant for Baroque and Dutch still life, which is evidenced in his work. The four series of photographs on display in this exhibition all relate to recent happenings in his life, including the loss of a loved one. As a promise to his late wife, and to ensure that his young son would always have a clear understanding of his mother, the images portray personal possessions, questions raised and an attempt to explain the unknown.


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Sacha Ferrier: Transience