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How to Be Immortal (Penny Dreadful Productions)

With live music on cello, squeezebox and ukulele, nano-puppetry, 1950’s experiments, and a piece written from a DNA code.

Date: Wednesday 12 February
Venue: Assembly Room
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: £12 / £10 (Full/Concession)

Directed by Kirsty Housley

How to Be Immortal is a completely original new play following three different stories about what death does to us, and the weird and sometimes wonderful ways we try to hold onto the people we’ve lost.

Rosa’s fallen in love with Mick the decorator. She plays the cello; he plays the squeezebox – an unlikely combination, but they sound great together. Trouble is, she’s pregnant and he’s about to die.

Henrietta Lacks died in West Virginia in 1951, but her cells live on, dividing endlessly in laboratories all over the world. It’s taken Deborah years to come to terms with her mother’s death; now she’s got to deal with her immortality.

It’s 1950, and Dr. George Gey and his wife Margaret are about to make a mind-bending discovery using homemade apparatus and some calves liver puree. All they need now is the right biopsy...

Recommended for ages 13+

Previous acclaim for The Dreadfuls:

‘A deliciously frivolous lampoon of scientific history.’

‘The Dreadfuls combine scientific fact with historical fiction... The clowning is first-rate.’


Entry Price: £ 12.00

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How to Be Immortal (Penny Dreadful Productions)