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‘We could be best team in League One’ says Kennedy

By Doug O'Kane, Sports Editor Friday 16th May 2014
Tom Kennedy.

Barnsley could have the best side in League One next season, says Tom Kennedy.


The left-back believes that, if the Reds keep hold of their contracted players and do well in the transfer market, they will have a great chance of bouncing back from relegation at the first attempt.


While the club has intimated that they may sell the likes of Chris O'Grady, Martin Cranie and Luke Steele if the offer was right, Kennedy says they will be among the best players in League One if they stay.


"Those players would be an amazing spine of any League One team," Kennedy told the Chronicle.


"If we keep them and add some quality, we will have the strongest team in League One next season. It will be tough to get back up in the first season but some teams do it like Wolves this season.  We will be looking to bounce back at the first attempt if we can."


Chief executive Ben Mansford confirmed there have been no bids for any of Barnsley's players and no transfer requests handed in but it is thought that the Reds will have to move several of their star players on to have enough money to recruit the fleet of new signings they have previously promised. The club plans to appoint a 'head of recruitment' within the next month and believe they can compete with the best in League One if they get the right deals done this summer.


Mansford said: "If we recruit well this summer, we will have the opportunity to be near the top of the division.  We are trying to attract Championship players to a League One club but we have to make sure they are the right players to get us promoted.


"It is a long summer and we will keep playing the long game and wait for the right time to sign the right people.  There are more Championship standard players than there are places in Championship clubs and we have to make sure we are their first option when they consider dropping down. "We have good facilities and need to make sure we are a fantastic League One proposition for players."


Meanwhile, Mansford confirmed that the club is not expecting to part company with any non-playing staff, despite losing up to £6million due to the relegation. He said: "The club has been run very prudently and there is hardly any fat to trim."