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Burton embarrassed after three under 18s are sent off

Friday 26th October 2012

Barnsley coach Mark Burton says he is embarrassed that three of his under 18s were sent off after the 1-0 loss at Huddersfield Town on Saturday.


Reds Josh Cooke and Dean Freeman have been given three-game bans following red cards for their part in a fracas after the final whistle while Jamie Moore was dismissed for verbally abusing a linesman and is banned for two matches.


Burton said: “The behaviour was embarrassing and unacceptable and it could have damaged the reputation myself and Ronnie have built over the last five years.


There was a bit of a fracas and a lot of heads were put together and there was some pushing. I told the referee to send Josh Cooke off for his part in it but we have watched the video and Dean Freeman did not deserve to go and maybe some Huddersfield players did.


“For Jamie Moore to swear at a linesman is totally unacceptable. The lads were frustrated because we had won five games in a row and played the better football but lost to a Huddersfield team who were very direct. “But they have to learn to deal with these things.


"Barnsley academy have only had two red cards in the last five years so three in one game is very embarrassing. The lads usually have Sundays off but we will make the ones who got sent off train on Sundays and I have some other surprises up my sleeve to punish them.”