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School Funds Giveaway

WIN A SHARE OF £10,000 for your local primary school

How it works

It’s easy to help your local primary school be a winner!

From March 1, 2013 we will print special Barnsley Chronicle Currency for you to collect for your local school. Our ‘Currency’ will take the form of different denominations of bank notes. And the school which collects the most wins.

To keep it fair, at the end we’ll work out what value of Currency has been collected per pupil by school so we can easily work out which schools win prizes.

All you need to know is that the bigger the amount that is collected, the more chance there is of your local primary school being a winner.

Thanks to Yorkshire Building Society and Barnsley Building Society we are able to offer the following ten prizes for this competition...

  • First prize: £5000
  • Second prize: £2500
  • Third prize: £1000
  • Fourth prize: £750
  • Fifth prize: £500
  • Runners-up (×5): £50

Photocopied Barnsley Chronicle Bank Notes will not be accepted as valid currency for this competition. So tell your friends, your relatives, your work mates and neighbours that you’re collecting for your local school and try to get as many as you can.

Some weeks we may print a BONUS Bank Note hidden somewhere in the paper. And on at least one week we’ll have a downloadable BONUS Bank Note somewhere on our website. So keep buying your Barnsley Chronicle every Friday and check it from cover to cover to make sure you haven’t missed any!

For a full list of all the primary schools taking part in this promotion simply scroll down to the bottom of this page. Here you’ll find all the schools who’ve already signed up. If yours isn’t there, let us know and we’ll add it on for you.

Do not send your collected currency to us – be sure to take it along to the Reception of your chosen school for them to keep in a safe place. All currency must be handed in to your chosen primary school by no later than 3pm on May 1, 2013. Any handed in after this time may not be included in the final count.

Your first Bank Note will be printed in the Barnsley Chronicle on March 1, 2013. Don’t miss out on your chance to help your local primary school.

  • This competition is contested by Primary Schools in the Barnsley Chronicle circulation area only: includes schools in Barnsley, Wath / Manvers area of Rotherham and Hemsworth / Ryhill areas of Wakefield.
  • Schools must register to take part by post or email by Feb 28, 2013.
  • Vouchers in the form of bank notes will appear in Barnsley Chronicle in a six week period. Schools must collect as many original vouchers in order to win a prize. A ratio of pupils on roll against voucher totals will be applied to each school to determine the prize winners.
  • All the original vouchers from participating schools will be collected following the closing date of May 1, 2013. They will then be counted and checked. The ratio sum will be applied and the prize winners determined and contacted.
  • Readers can collect vouchers on behalf of any of the schools taking part, but are asked to hand them in at their chosen school. Vouchers sent in to the Chronicle or dropped off at our reception will not be counted.
  • The decision of the Barnsley Chronicle is final and no correspondance will be entered into.
  • By taking part each school also agrees to any resulting publicity following the results.
  • Photocopied vouchers will not be accepted.
  • In the event of a tie, the prize for the tied place will be shared.
  • Vouchers collected by schools are their responsibility to keep safe until collected by Barnsley Chronicle.
  • Schools are expected to behave responsibly in respect of collecting vouchers. Any school found to be acting outside the good nature of the competition may be asked to withdraw.
Registered Schools

The following schools have signed up so far...

  • Gawber Primary (S75 2RJ)
  • Birkwood Primary (S72 8HG)
  • St Helen’s Primary Academy (S71 2PS)
  • Kexborough Primary School (S75 5EF)
  • Ryhill Junior, Infant & Nursery (WF4 2AD)
  • Doncaster Road Primary (S70 1TS)
  • Burton Road Primary (S71 2AA)
  • Wath C of E Primary (S63 6PY)
  • Highgate Primary Academy (S63 9AS)
  • Carlton Primary Academy (S71 3HF)
  • Athersley South Primary (S71 3TP)
  • Kereseforth Primary (S75 3NU)
  • St Helen’s Catholic Primary (S74 9DL)
  • Hoyland Primary (S74 0DJ)
  • Ladywood Primary (S72 7JX)
  • Athersley North Primary (S71 3NB)
  • Hoylandswaine Primary (S36 7JJ)
  • Royston Meadstead (S71 4JS)
  • Oxspring Primary (S36 8YW)
  • Elsecar Holy Trinity Primary (S74 8HS)
  • Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre (S73 8TX)
  • Worsborough Bank End (S70 4AZ)
  • Richard Newman Primary (S71 3AF)
  • Worsborough Common Primary (S70 4EB)
  • Gooseacre Primary Academy (S63 0NU)
  • Hoyland Springwood Primary (S74 0ER)
  • Tankersley St Peters CE Primary (S75 3DA)
  • Jump Primary School (S74 0JW)
  • Summer Lane Primary (S75 2BB)
  • Wilthorpe Primary (S75 1AQ)
  • The Edmunds School (S70 5EP)
  • Dearne Carrfield Primary (S63 8AL)
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Primary (S63 9JY)
  • All Saints Academy (S73 9EU)
  • Darton Primary School (S75 5AD)
  • St Michael’s All Angels Catholic Primary (S73 8AF)
  • Brierley CE (VC) Primary (S72 9EJ)
  • Birdwell Primary (S70 5XB)
  • Pipers Grove Primary (S71 1AR)
  • Royston St John the Baptist (S71 4QY)
  • Milefield Primary (S72 7BH)
  • Shawlands Primary School (S70 6JL)
  • Penistone St John the Baptist (S36 6FS)
  • Summerfields Primary Academy (S71 4SF)
  • St Mary’s CE Primary (S75 2DF)
  • Wellgate Primary (S75 6HR)
  • Wombwell Park Street Primary (S73 0HS)
  • Silkstone Primary (S75 4LR)
  • High View Primary Learning Centre (S73 8QS)
  • Oakhill Primary Academy (S71 5AG)
  • Joseph Locke Primary (S70 6JL)
  • Cherrydale Primary (S72 8AA)