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Sports Team of the Year

Sports Team of the Year

Barnsley Junior Table Tennis Club has achieved significant success in the Sheffield Junior League, walking away with several divisions over the last few seasons.

Aged 16 and under, the squad has risen to the top of the league against teams from Sheffield and South Yorkshire areas.

Matches are played at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield and players have been complimented on several occasions by officials and spectators for their professionalism, dedication and sportsmanship.

Ian Denton, who accepted last year’s award on behalf of the club, said: “To start with, we weren’t quite sure what we had been nominated for or why. I really didn’t think we would win when you look at who we were up against, you never think you stand a chance of winning.

“But we were absolutely delighted. It’s not only for myself, but for the others who put a lot of hard work in. The kids were really pleased.”

Membership has risen from about ten to 30, and Ian believes this may be down to winning the award.

“Barnsley gets some negative publicity, so it’s nice to see there are some positives too. It’s hard to get some kids off their bums and doing something instead of hanging around on the streets, so it’s nice for our input to be recognised.”

For this award we want to hear about local clubs or teams who have achieved dazzling sporting success.

This could be at local, regional or national level, or it could be that this team has advanced the development of their sport within their local community.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help with you with your nomination.

  • Does this club/team demonstrate fair play and a good sporting attitude throughout the year?
  • Have they made an impact on or contribution to the development of sport in the community?
  • Do they encourage people to participate and improve their skills?
  • Are they a role model for other clubs/teams?
  • What sets this club/team apart from others?
  • Have they achieved success against all odds?

The winners of this award will have shown considerable dedication to their sport, the local community and the development of their team or club.