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School of the Year

School of the Year

We’re often told that our school days are the best days of our lives. But it’s not until we’ve left that the words ring in our ears.

There are many things to be proud of in Barnsley schools, said Coun Tim Cheetham, council spokesman for children, young people and families.

“There are so many hardworking and brilliant students making incredible achievements, often battling their circumstances to succeed against the odds. We have any number of inspiring and committed teachers dedicating themselves to our young people day in and day out, often beyond the call of duty. Head teachers who are transforming our schools and the communities they are in with innovation and determination on behalf of their staff and students.

“Our legion of school governors, volunteering their own time and efforts, often for years, usually unrecognised, but always for no other reason than their passion to improve the lives of the young people of our town. And then there are the caretakers, dinner ladies, lollipop men and women, carers, after school sports and activity coaches and all the other support staff and volunteers that keep our kids guided, healthy, nurtured, fit, educated and above all, safe.”

He said Proud of Barnsley gave a much needed opportunity to recognise unsung heroes and is hoping to see a bumper crop of nominations telling their stories, inspiring others and being awarded for their efforts.

We know that there are some brilliant primary and secondary schools in Barnsley who inspire pupils to achieve more than just great exam results.

For our School of the Year award we want to look beyond the traditional measures of a great school – although achievement is important, this award will go to the school who inspires its pupils to be the best they can be.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • Tell us something the school seems to be really good at.
  • Describe things the school does to welcome you and make you feel comfortable? How does the school listen to people’s views and ideas?
  • How does the school go that extra mile? Do they do something that you wouldn’t expect them to?
  • Has the school done something really special for you or someone you know?
  • What sort of things does the school do to be part of the local area or community?
  • What has the school done to help pupils reach their potential?
  • Tell us how this school inspires people and raises aspirations, regardless of exam results.

Our winner will offer something extra to its pupils and will give parents, carers and guardians the added assurance that this school listens and truly meets the emotional and intellectual needs of their child.