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Hospital Hero Award

Hospital Hero Award

The Hospital Hero is new to this year’s Proud of Barnsley awards.

As the health reporter, I’ve written many stories about people’s experiences when they’ve been admitted to hospital.

From mothers who have had difficult births and could not have got through it without the support of the midwives, patients who have had their lives saved by doctors carrying out major surgery, to those who just wanted a bit of advice and a friendly ear.

Going in to hospital can be an anxious time for people and the medical staff at Barnsley Hospital do a wonderful job.

But they are not the only people who keep the place up and running.

From porters, volunteers, hospital radio broadcasters, cooks, receptionists, clerical officers, and the chaplain - everyone has a part to play.

The Hospital Hero award is open to anyone who works at the hospital.

Did someone go above and beyond during your stay in hospital?

Whether it was a doctor or nurse who saved your life or a receptionist who went out of their way to help - make sure they get the recognition they deserve by nominating them.

Have you or someone you know received exceptional care from a member of staff at Barnsley Hospital? If so, nominate them for this award.

It may be that you or a loved one went in for an operation filled with anxiety, but were made to feel at ease by staff. Or perhaps you want to tell us about a nurse or doctor doing an exceptional job, a department that is praise worthy or simply to rave about individuals who make a difference to those who visit the hospital?

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • Tell us about your experience. What made it exceptional?
  • How has this person or department gone above and beyond to make you and others feel comfortable and relaxed in their care?
  • Did they do anything that you wouldn’t have expected them to?
  • Why were the facilities so good? Were they cleaner, more engaging or just simply better than others you have encountered?

The winner of this category could be anyone connected with Barnsley Hospital who has helped others to feel better.

If they’re getting it right, they’re a worthy nominee.