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Exceptional Achievement of the Year

Exceptional Achievemnt Award

Dr Selina Wray has conducted ground-breaking research into new dementia treatments.

Last year she was awarded £900,000 for a stem cell study after beating three other researchers for three years’ funding.

Dr Wray and her co-investigators developed a way to recreate the build-up of the hallmark dementia protein 'tau' in cells. They then scaled up their experiment to screen for drugs to stop the 'tau' build-up.

Upon receiving her award, Dr Wray said: “I'm absolutely overwhelmed. It's a huge honour and to follow Graham and Lesley Wilmot – I work on the disease their son is affected by.

“I really believe in care today, cure tomorrow, and I really couldn't do my job without people like them who are willing to share their personal stories.

“It's a time to be really optimistic about dementia research. A big struggle has been because it has always been thought of as a normal part of ageing.”

Have you or someone you know received exceptional care from a member of staff at Barnsley Hospital? If so, nominate them for this award.

It may be that you or a loved one went in for an operation filled with anxiety, but were made to feel at ease by staff. Or perhaps you want to tell us about a nurse or doctor doing an exceptional job, a department that is praise worthy or simply to rave about individuals who make a difference to those who visit the hospital?

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • Tell us about your experience. What made it exceptional?
  • How has this person or department gone above and beyond to make you and others feel comfortable and relaxed in their care?
  • Did they do anything that you wouldn’t have expected them to?
  • Why were the facilities so good? Were they cleaner, more engaging or just simply better than others you have encountered?

The winner of this category could be anyone connected with Barnsley Hospital who has helped others to feel better.

If they’re getting it right, they’re a worthy nominee.