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Community Hero of the Year

THE Community Hero category is a new category this year designed to reflect the diverse range of work which is carried out by people in the community.

Entries can include people who work with schools, community groups or other individuals or organisations.

Equally, it could be a person who works alone to make the area in which they live a better place.

So if you know someone who goes above and beyond, nominate them.

You can e-mail your nominations to - please include your name, address and phone number.

Please also include the name, address and phone number of the person you are nominating, the category you are nominating them in and why.

Alternatively you can go to and fill out the online entry form.

Paper copies of the entry form can be picked up in the Barnsley Chronicle reception and electronic copies of the form can be e-mailed out upon request.

Please ask the person/group for permission to nominate them for an award before putting them forward.

For this award we are looking for someone who has made an outstanding contribution to Barnsley, making our town a better place to live in.

Be it by enhancing the town’s reputation, building bridges between communities or reducing inequality, we want you to nominate the people who have changed Barnsley for the better.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • Has someone worked tirelessly for the good of others?
  • Have they fought for a better quality of life for residents in the borough?
  • Are they voice of the village or district where they live?
  • Have they done something to turn your life around or the lives of others?

We welcome direct nominations for this award, and our judges may also put forward those nominated in other categories who, in their opinion, have made exceptional contributions to their community.

Our winner will have made an outstanding difference to the lives of an individual, community or family. If you know someone who has done this against all odds, we want to know about them.