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Children’s Champion

Children’s Champion

The Royston Dynamos was set up by Billy Horner more than 30 years ago and the community football team is still going strong to this day.

Billy started the group after suffering an injury while playing for Royston Cross.

He ran three age groups over the weekend, but the club expanded as players got older and moved up into different age groups.

There are now nine teams and those involved in the group estimate the number of kids who have passed through the organisation over the years is now in the thousands.

Billy was honoured for his efforts last year by the Football Association as ‘Volunteer of the Year’.

He said: “I really enjoyed the Proud of Barnsley awards, but I never thought I would win - I nearly fell off my chair! It was great just to get nominated.

“I’ve been into football since I was at school and I’ve watched Barnsley FC for 58 years and I’m a season ticket holder.

“I do it because I enjoy it. Young kids these days want to be on their X-Boxes and I think there are a few schools who don’t do much sport, but I think it’s started to pick up again.”

This award will go to an individual who works tirelessly to inspire children and young people.

This person will be someone who has helped either one or a number of kids to go further, push harder and achieve more, providing the support they need to overcome life’s problems and barriers.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • What does this person do or say that is inspiring?
  • How has this person helped young people to achieve their goals and overcome any barriers?
  • Tell us how this person is a great advocate for youngsters and dispels any negative views held about of the youth of today?
  • What sort of extra things does this person organise or help do? How do they go the extra mile?
  • Has this person done something really special to help you or someone you know?

People nominated for this award could be youth workers, health workers, teachers, teaching assistants, a school nurse or social workers. They could even be a relative, friend or sports coach who has gone over and above what is expected to help children and young people.