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Young Superstar

Young Superstar

Schoolgirl Ellie Taylor was hailed a lifesaver after leading her family to safety when fire broke out at their Oakwell home.

Brave Ellie, then 11, kept her cool when she heard the smoke alarm go off in the middle of the night and woke up her parents, Gail and David, brother Brad and younger sister Gracie before helping them get out of their home on Coniston Road.

The family went outside in their pyjamas and at the time, Gail said Ellie's quick thinking actions had saved the family's lives. Ellie stemmed the flow of smoke by closing all the doors, allowing the family extra time to escape. The fire is thought to have started when the fridge freezer caught fire in a utility room.

Such was her bravery, Ellie was named Young Superstar of the Year.

After receiving her award, she said: "I'm really happy. I didn't think I would win because it was a competition and I was against other people.

"I just did what I thought anyone would do in that situation - the smoke alarm woke me up and I just woke everyone else up. "My mum and dad are really proud."

Our Young Superstar winner will have star quality and will be an inspiration to children and young people everywhere.

This award recognises the many achievements of children and young people in our borough, aiming to challenge stereotypes and highlight the young role models who positively influence their peers.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • Your nominee may have helped to save a life or shown or demonstrated tremendous courage.
  • They may have overcome a serious illness or helped care for a relative at home.
  • They may be involved in raising funds or awareness for a cause close to their hearts – it’s not just about the amount of money raised, it’s about determination and a passion for the cause.
  • We are also looking for nominees who have excelled in academia, the performing arts or sport.
  • The young person may have supported a green project or has demonstrated a keen awareness and need for sustainability and sensitivity in the way we impact on our environment.

Whatever your young superstar has done to blaze a trail for others to follow, we want to hear about it.