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Triumph Over Adversity

Triumph Over Adversity

Kevin Hattersley beat four bouts of cancer to return to his duties as a postman - a job he has loved for 24 years.

Whilst fighting the disease, he took minimal sick days, returning to work after his third set of treatment and opting for his full round instead of duties in the sorting office.

Kevin, 48, was nominated by a nurse at his local GP who described him as a ‘quiet, unassuming typical Yorkshireman’ who was uncomplaining in times of great adversity.

He said winning the award for Triumph Over Adversity ‘lifted him’, though he was caught by surprise when he was announced as winner.

He said: “I was really surprised and shocked. I didn’t think I would win because I always think there is someone who is worse off than me, even when I was going through treatment. My family and I really enjoyed the awards night. I think it’s a good thing to nominate people, it gives you a lift.”

He said people seemed to recognise him when he’s out doing his rounds, adding: “I love just meeting people and providing a service. People’s heads have definitely been turning since I won.”

Kevin is now in remission and has check-ups every six months. Kevin is one of many people who have overcome obstacles put in their way.

Don’t forget to nominate someone who you think deserves to be recognised.

This is always a popular category and proves just how many people in Barnsley have shown outstanding bravery in the face of illness, disability, adversity or have rebuilt their lives after a serious injury.

Our winner may have committed a single heroic act, battled against adverse circumstances or made a remarkable come back from a life changing event.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • What has your nominee done to overcome a personal difficulty?
  • Have they made a stand to improve their life or the lives of others?
  • Have they shown courage in overcoming a traumatic experience?

Whatever the knock, this category recognises those people who have picked themselves back up and got on with things. If you know someone who fits the bill, nominate them for this award.