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Carer of the Year

Carer of the Year

Leanne Drummond has done everything in her power to help her poorly little girl.

Ebonie Webb, six, was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was six months old.

Leanne and Ebonie’s dad, Mick, of Honeywell Place, have been raising money to send her to America for treatment ever since. But the trip was called off after Ebonie’s tumour grew and spread to her spine, meaning she was unable to travel and needed more surgery and chemotherapy.

The tumour has now spread to the most complex part of her brain, near the nervous centre which affects primitive physical and emotional behaviour, and could eventually see her lose her eyesight.

But Leanne has never seen any of what she does as worthy winning awards – she believes she is just doing what any other mum would do for their child.

“I have never seen what I do as being about any awards. It’s really nice that someone has recognised me and what I do, but it’s just my life.” She said Ebonie was ‘over the moon’ her mum had won and was doing really well and still enjoying school.

They recently had some good news, Ebonie’s tumour has shrunk a little, but she continues to have chemotherapy.

Leanne encouraged others to put forward people who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

“I thought I had been shoved in to make up the numbers so I was really pleased when I won. It’s a good thing to nominate people, and it was brilliant that I was nominated.”

Our Carer of the Year is someone who puts their own needs aside to selflessly care for family members, partners, friends or others who suffer from ill health, are frail or have a disability.

This person may look after one person or many. They may be a family member or friend, a foster parent or someone from the medical profession such as a doctor or nurse.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • What kind of things does this person do to make life easier for someone else?
  • Do they run errands, do the shopping, tidy someone’s home or garden or help care for pets?
  • Are they always there to provide companionship and listen to people who need to talk?

Being a carer is an important job that many do without ever wanting or asking to be praised for it.

We would all do anything for our loved ones, but nominating someone you know for the Carer of the Year award is a great way to thank them for their commitment and give them the recognition they deserve.