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Carer of the Year

Carer of the Year

Christine Morris dedicated her life to fostering children who may not otherwise have had a good start in life.

She was nominated by her daughter Melanie Taylor, who she adopted in 1974, but sadly died in September after finding out the lung cancer she was battling was terminal.

Christine, 66, formerly of Bronte Close, Monk Bretton, had fostered as many as 60 children over the years with her husband Rick. The couple fostered a severely disabled young boy six years ago and Christine had just found out she was a 'foster grandmother'.

On top of that, Christine also collected donations to send to children around the world.

She was determined to help Barnsley children in any way possible and requested the £600 received in donations at her funeral to go to fostering associations.

Fighting back tears, Rick said: "I'm walking on air - I never expected this. Christine would be over the moon.

"She knew what she wanted and went out and did it. A the top of the list, even before we got married, was how many babies we were going to have - our own, adopted or fostered.

"She loved kids, they meant the world to her. She wasn't bothered about recognition, but I would like to think she would be proud of this award."

Our Carer of the Year is someone who puts their own needs aside to selflessly care for family members, partners, friends or others who suffer from ill health, are frail or have a disability.

This person may look after one person or many. They may be a family member or friend, a foster parent or someone from the medical profession such as a doctor or nurse.

The following points are intended as guidelines only, to help you with your nomination.

  • What kind of things does this person do to make life easier for someone else?
  • Do they run errands, do the shopping, tidy someone’s home or garden or help care for pets?
  • Are they always there to provide companionship and listen to people who need to talk?

Being a carer is an important job that many do without ever wanting or asking to be praised for it.

We would all do anything for our loved ones, but nominating someone you know for the Carer of the Year award is a great way to thank them for their commitment and give them the recognition they deserve.