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Praise for horse lover who rescued pony

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Tuesday 2nd September 2014
HOYLAND horse lover Amy Geraghty came home from a national festival with more than than just prizes for her own ponies.

The 22-year-old stable-hand also returned with an RSPCA rescue pony she spotted and fell in love with during the huge Equifest event at Peterborough showground.

Her own ponies - she has four - picked up fourth prizes in their categories at the show, but had to make room for Polly Pocket, a recovering pony rescued by the RSPCA in the Durham area and taken to the show in the hope of finding a new home.

When found by the RSPCA, emaciated and soaking wet, the two-year-old cob was so neglected she was unable to stand. She had pressure sores on her hips and was 'a skeleton covered in hide'. She had just been left starving in a field.

The RSPCA began nursing her back to health and Amy, of Vernon Street, Hoyland, will continue that process.

She works at the Barley Hall stables between Hoyland and Chapeltown and Polly Pocket is stabled there. Polly is gaining weight and has gone from 162kg to more than 285kg.

Amy said: "Polly is black with a little white star on the middle of her head. When I first saw her I noticed her lovely fluffy feet - and she is so loving, kind and friendly."

A spokesman from the RSPCA said Polly Pocket was 'a wonderful success story'. He added: "She will hopefully have a long, happy and healthy life ahead of her."