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Parking issue prompts action from man

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Friday 15th August 2014
A HOYLAND Common man fed up with people parking on pavements has appointed himself a self-styled 'avenging traffic warden', according to local shop workers.

Hoyland Common workers alleged the man had become "aggressive" with people parked on pavements on Tinker Lane and said wing mirrors had been "shoved in."

One charity shop worker, who did not wish to be named, said he had come into work and found the works van with a broken wing mirror.

He said: "We're not happy. It will cost £150 to fix. I have had other people complain to me about this man and one of them was a care worker parked legitimately and legally on their day to day business.

"The man causing the trouble is middle aged and angry that people are parking up partially on the pavements. He has trouble controlling his temper. It might seem a minor thing but as a charity we can do without the expense."

Another pub worker told the Chronicle this week that some wing mirrors on Tinker Lane had been 'kicked off'.

A police spokeswoman said: "We have spoken to a man regarding an issue where the wing mirrors of some cars in the street have allegedly been pushed in.

"We stress the wing mirrors were not 'kicked off' as has been claimed, but simply pushed in. No damage was reported to police by the vehicle owners. The man has been spoken to by police but not arrested."