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Floods dent couple's dream

By ian thompson, Town/Court Reporter Friday 15th August 2014
Pd56207-003 The Singing Man was hit by floodwater
FLASH floods dealt a huge blow to a couple's dream of running a pub six weeks after they spent thousands refurbishing it.

John Helliwell, 64, and his partner Sue Broome, 62, re-opened The Singing Man in Shafton at the end of June.

But Friday's heavy rain led to six or seven inches of water whooshing into the pub. The boozer is expected to be closed for about a fortnight.

Mr Helliwell said water came in through the back of the pub over about five minutes.

He added: "Rain water was coming up through grates outside and poured in through fire doors.

"We are gutted. We spent thousands getting the pub going."

** The full story appears in the Barnsley Chronicle, dated August 15. **
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Posted by Lesley I Sun 17th Aug 2014 at 2:18am

This could be turned into a positive for the future of the pub!! To identify the weak points at an early stage so that they can be remedied is a good thing!! The couples' dreams are not over!, just held back a bit!.....

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