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Town centre revamp begins

By Nick Ward Tuesday 12th August 2014
Mushroom in Cheapside

WORK to revamp Barnsley town centre has already started - just days after plans were unveiled by the council.

One of the first causalities of the demolition teams has been the Mushroom in Cheapside. Built as an area of sheltered seating, the Mushroom gained something of a reputation in recent years.

Retired glass factory worker John Markey 66, of Brinckman Street said: "I know they have got to improve the town centre but where are people supposed to sit in the meantime?"

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Posted by ian I Tue 12th Aug 2014 at 5:30pm

Bmbc don't care I emailed them and they sent an email back just reiterating exactly what I had said in the email almost word for word telling me they are sorry there is no seating for elderly or disabled to rest

Posted by WHY? I Wed 3rd Sep 2014 at 2:00pm

Mushroom!!! Try sittting on your hands dear John, like the idiots who have ruined the town. The great Ian Nairn mourned Barnsley and pleaded for the people of Barnsley to wake up and fight(see him on youtube). He foresaw the shambles that has destroyed the town's character time after time e.g. getting rid of original bus station, market, not preserving buildings, bulldozing history...list is endless. Character gone. Characters gone. Idiot who built Meadowhall (he who wants to throw money at UKIP which should put be a warning) should pay as well as town planners. Mind you, he didn't forsee the strike which killed the town on many levels.