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Dad takes action to slow down speeders

By Nick Ward Tuesday 12th August 2014
The safety sign erected on Old Oaks View
A BARNSLEY dad has grown so fed up of delivery drivers darting down his road he's erected signs urging them to slow down for the sake of local children. Plumber Jason Fox, of Old Oaks View - a normally quiet cul-de-sac - has worried for some time that kids playing outside their homes could be put in danger by drivers. So he put two specially printed signs by the road junction with Doncaster Road reminding drivers that children often play in the area. Jason, 40, said: "I've been concerned that delivery drivers, particularly pizza delivery drivers, are driving quite quickly. "I'm not saying they were breaking the speed limit they're probably not, but on a small quiet road like ours, 30mph is too fast, especially when there are kids about."