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Neighbours disgusted over bin problem

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Tuesday 5th August 2014
Laura Stewart with un-emptied bins

NEIGHBOURS in 14 flats in Hoyland say they have reached the end of their tether because Barnsley Council has not emptied their recycling bins for two months.

Furious resident Laura Stewart, 28, who lives in the private flats in King Street, said the communal green, brown and blue recycling bins were overflowing with plastic, cans, bottles and paper and were "disgusting."

Laura, a sales assistant at a catalogue company in Sheffield, said: "We have not had a collection since May 23. I have rung the council three times in the last two weeks, my partner has rung and my neighbour has rung but all the council say is that they will lodge our complaints.

"One time they said they couldn't find our address on their postcode finder but the flats have been here for eight years."


A spokesman from Barnsley Council thanked Laura for bringing the situation to the council's attention and said the waste collections manager was arranging for the bins to be emptied.
He said: "The blue and green bins are due for collection today, and we acknowledge that one collection has been missed. The waste collections manager will speak to the recycling crews to ensure that collections are not missed in future.

"We also note the area set aside for storage of recycling bins is too small for the number of bins. We will liaise with residents to try to find an appropriate solution to alleviate this storage situation."

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Posted by jason I Wed 6th Aug 2014 at 5:31pm

I av been waiting for a large blue bin n a large brown bin since February nearly six months and still not received them I burn all paper n card n plastics I'm a burning bin as this is the only way I can keep these down the 2 weekly collection for house hold two long for waste collection is time it went bk to weekly

Posted by Nicky I Thu 7th Aug 2014 at 10:19am

Our flats are same!! Not been emptied for weeks! Overflowing!