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Accident gives Ian business idea

By gail robinson, Town Reporter Tuesday 5th August 2014
Ian Asquith

A BARNSLEY businessman who had a light bulb moment after a cycling accident is now seeing the results of his idea.

Ian Asquith, whose company YouTrack was already making vehicle tracking devices, suffered a fractured wrist, eye socket and cheek bone in the accident two years ago.

Luckily he was found by a passer-by, but the incident made him ponder on another use for the technology.

Now his company, which is based in Mapplewell, has launched a personal version of the tracking device called YouTrack Solo.

Ian said: "I was unconscious for about 15 minutes after the bike skidded on a country road and I was lucky because someone found me, but just imagine if they hadn't.

"It really made me think that we could take the product we already had and develop it to keep people safer."