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Charity trains dogs to do daily tasks

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Tuesday 29th July 2014

A Birdwell fundraiser is asking people to support a charity which trains dogs to help with everyday tasks.

Mary Ryan, 63, of Balk Lane, has suffered from arthritis for years and was finding it increasingly difficult to perform routine tasks.

She heard about the Support Dogs charity through a TV programme and decided to give it a go - by having her own pet collie dog trained up to help her.

Mary said: "She was be able to do all kinds of things for me - like bringing the phone when it rang, carrying the post to me and even emptying the washing machine."

Support Dogs trains dogs to help people with epilepsy and physical disabilities and also trains them to help children with autism.

The dogs help people to keep their independence and quality of life through assisting with everyday tasks. The animals can also give early warning of seizures for people with epilepsy.