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Troublesome teens need respect says councillor

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Tuesday 22nd July 2014

TROUBLESOME teens need to be taught some old fashioned respect and decency, a local councillor told a meeting at the town hall about youth services.

The meeting was to discuss how well the council's youth service was managing after losing more than £2m in funding over the last few years.

Youth justice service manager Ben Finley said the mission was to turn those youths who had been brought into the youth justice system into 'productive young adults' and give them the help they needed to do that.

But Coun Ann Rusby warned about being too soft on young people.

"They need to be taught some respect. They haven't even got the respect for themselves when they're getting drunk and falling over, and being sick on themselves."

Coun Rusby acknowledged that it was a minority of young people that behaved in such a way, but that it was a growing problem.

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Posted by David I Sat 26th Jul 2014 at 9:57am

The problem seem's to be people have taken the Youth services Barnsley for granted, it maybe time for people to wake up to the fact -that they a quality service that delivered outcomes year after year. Let's hope the council do not totally kill the "Golden goose " that had- which ensured riots and other issues across other parts of the country -have never arrived in Barnsley.

Lets hope some real leadership is provided by adults in protecting what is left of an excellent service -Ofsted quote - not mine !