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Snake reunited with owner

By Ed Elliot, Penistone Reporter Friday 11th July 2014
Pd54545 Steve Lovatt, from Aqua Inn

THE CORN snake discovered in Wombwell cemetery last week has been claimed by a relieved owner who says it escaped a year ago.

Anne Watson, 25, of Blythe Street, Wombwell, says she jumped for joy upon hearing the snake had been found and was safe at the Aqua Inn pet shop on Park Street.

Mother-of-three Anne went to pick up the snake she calls Flinky this week.

She said: "She has always been a bit of an adventurer and we once found her in the next door neighbour's shed.

"I was astonished that she had been found and was still alive.

"The way she got out last time was through the chimney and we think that's what's happened again.

"She must have been surviving on rats and mice but I really can't believe she's still alive.

We're so glad to have her back."

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