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Fight steps up against energy park plan

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Friday 27th June 2014
Pd54314a Campaign against renewable energy park

CAMPAIGNERS against a renewable energy park near Great Houghton are encouraging people in all surrounding villages to fight against plans for a renewable energy park which they say will create foul smells 'for miles'.

The planned anaerobic digestion facility off the Houghton Main Colliery roundabout will be used to break down waste food to create electricity and heat.

A spokesman for developer Peel Environmental said the plant would have technology to prevent odours from escaping, including 'negative pressure' to suck air into the building.

Representations must be made to the council by July 10.

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Posted by Olive I Wed 2nd Jul 2014 at 2:18pm

Short sighted nimbyism we need more renewable energy not less

The protesters are ill informed and ignorant

Posted by Sid368 I Wed 2nd Jul 2014 at 7:51pm

I take it you live in the vicinity that could possibly be affected by any outfall from this plant Olive? Probably not!! I'm all for renewable energy, but if it affects the life/living standards of those around these plants, then objections should be listened to.

Posted by maggy I Tue 19th Aug 2014 at 2:50pm

Please do not take this AD plant and its so called benefits at face value.

Before I put pen to paper I have spent a great deal of my time reading into

AD plants. The conclusion from evidence gathered are that these plants are causing major problems world wide with both odour emissions from the pre treatment of the animal and food waste and also the biogas released into the atmosphere.

There are court cases pending and people in both this country and world wide are at their wits end where these AD plants are have been allowed to be built.

Fertilizer will be produced as the end process, electricity that is produced will probably not benefit the national grid but will benefit a private source.

These AD plants are a German invention and they are still having problems with odour emissions.

Barnsley will still have to dispose of its waste in the usual way.

Peel group informed me that these huge HGVs carrying the waste will be coming off the A1 and M1 130 journeys daily 6 days a week. They fail to mention that around another 80 HGVs will be needed to remove the fertiliser.

Add another 32 journeys plus for site staff daily.

I urge people to read and this web site will give you some indication to the problems with AD sites.

I understand from the Peel Group literature that 200 construction jobs will benefit from the building of this site. However I do not believe that these will be local jobs, looking at the plan it is my belief that specialist construction company would be used.

After reading the Peel group literature the company are using the history of the Barnsley coal field and despite the industry on the A6195 they call the site "A development that has failed to move on"

To allow this company to build the AD plant will be a step backwards, Barnsley and its residents will not benefit.