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Police identify cause of ASOS blaze

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Friday 27th June 2014
Pd54178 ASOS

POLICE officers investigating the large blaze at ASOS believe they have identified 'a particular box out of ten million boxes' where the fire originated.

The fire at the warehouse on Park Spring Road, Grimethorpe, damaged stock worth between £25m to £30m.

Sixty firefighters were called to the blaze which started at 9.50pm last Friday. They believe it was started deliberately inside the building.


Steve Handley, acting Det Ch Insp, said: "It's difficult because a lot of the forensic evidence has either been destroyed by fire or water, but we are confident we have identified the seat of the fire down to a particular box.

"We have sent off a fast track forensic submission which we would like to think might bring an early resolution into identifying who was responsible."

He said police had an item which they are trying to link to an offender through DNA, which would highlight them as someone of 'significant interest.'

The Chronicle understands there were 551 members of staff on the premises at the time the blaze started.

Each is being asked to fill out a questionnaire as police attempt to pinpoint where people were.

Mr Handley said they were looking at employees' scanning guns as well as examining CCTV.


** The full story appears in the Barnsley Chronicle, dated June 27. **