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MP opposes new taxi laws

By john threlkeld, Deputy Editor Tuesday 1st July 2014

BARNSLEY East MP Michael Dugher has opposed changes to the law governing taxi and private hire vehicles due to concerns they could put passengers at risk.

The reforms included in the government's Deregulation Bill will enable people without a minicab licence to drive one when it is off duty, end annual checks on drivers' licences, and allow minicab operators to subcontract bookings to firms in other areas.

Campaigners, industry bodies and unions are warning these changes will have severe safety implications, as local councils don't have the powers to enforce the changes safely.

Mr Dugher said: "At present minicabs in Barnsley are driven by people who have undergone criminal, medical and background checks with the council but the government reforms threaten to remove these safeguards.

"I'm worried the plans will increase the number of rogue drivers on Barnsley's roads."

Those who voted against the bill, including Mr Dugher, were defeated by 79 votes.

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