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Boss gives answers on bin collection scheme

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Thursday 19th June 2014
Matt Gladstone

COMPLAINTS about the new bin collection scheme have occupied many column inches in the Chronicle over the last couple of months - so our reporter Katia Harston went to get answers.


In Friday's paper, we carry the interview with  waste and recycling boss Matt Gladstone about missed collections, inadequate white sacks for papers, weeks of waiting for larger or new bins and missed collections.


He said people ringing the call centre has halved, from 800 to 400 a day and extra crews have been brought in to help tackle the problem.

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Posted by Helen Longmire I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 3:59pm

Not just missed bin collections that are the problem, but monthly collections eg for cardboard, paper and plastic/glass. We happened to be on holiday for one week while these were due to be collected. Having no neighbours and being told we can't leave our bins out too long meant they couldn't be emptied. I am now waiting for 24th June so I can rid my house of all the cardboard and paper which can't be stored outside as would become a soggy mess. It is ridiculous and a hazard. And now we are doing even more of the council's work for them there was no reduction in council tax. How about giving the jobs back or sharing the money saved with the householders now doing them?

Posted by Anuta Aspinall I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:06pm

The change over has been a complete and utter shambles I still dont get my bins emptied and have to make regular trips to the dump myself it is almost July and any problems should have been sorted out by this time - since April have had only 2 cardboard collections, my neighbours have just stopped recycling all together as they don't see the point!

Posted by Jon Taylor I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:08pm

Calls down from 800? Maybe because people have decided that they cant' wait any longer for a response so resort to emailing, but of course they go unanswered also. We went 4 weeks and 1 day before we had a green bin lift with a neighbour being told that we hadn't put out our green bin in time which is simply untrue. I and a substantial number of people in Shafton managed not to place our bins out in time judging from the bins remaining awaiting collection. I guess an apology and / or refund is out of the question?

Posted by tina price I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:08pm

I have got cardboard coming out of my ears!! If the council wants us to recycle then how can we when its only collected once a month?? Grrrr it was so much better before, why change it??

Posted by Rhys pattison I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:11pm

i am seriouly thinking of cancelling my direct debit for my council tax, surly the council have a legal responsibility to provide a service ? The only reason the calls have fallen is i guess people have stopped ringing in because like myself no help or answers when you ring in. still waiting on my new bins after i think 6 months shocking, Oh and while we on the subject not only am i emptying my own brown bin our grass verges in Barnsley are like the Amazon what a **** hole barnsley looks.What am i paying my council tax for ? One very unhappy Barnsley resident .

Posted by Sav I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:14pm

Calls have been halved and extra crews have been brought in. Nice one, BUT IM STILL WAITING FOR MY BIN!!!

Posted by Poz I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:18pm

The amount of complaints haven't gone down you are just not answering, I phoned on Tuesday 7 times and was cut off 6 times and then I was fobbed off with an answer phone message, my bin should have been emptied on Friday..guess what???still waiting so your service is getting worse so own up to your mistakes and stop lying and trying to cover up this shambles of a service...

Posted by sam I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:31pm

More crews carnt have been fetched in because my bin hasn't been emptied today when it should have!!!! Calls will have halved because there's no point phoning!!!!! Why do we pay council tax?

Posted by Hazel Hulson I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:33pm

Still waiting for new blue and brown bins ordered prompt when change came in force.Have to put plastic and cans and cardboard in large plastic bags which can rip and tear and blow about in wind and not replaced, two green boxes went missing before that, Complete shambles of a service that was so much better and reliable before

Posted by Mrs. M. Burgin I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:33pm

Our bins along with our neighbours bins were on the pavement for 5 days !!!!!!! Causing obstruction !!!!!! We applied for a blue bin several weeks ago and still haven't got one !!!!! Not good enough.

Posted by mike yates I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:34pm

The council either need to stick to the published rota for collections or put out a new one. We have most bins out most of the time, and when/if they are emptied they will be refilled because we have bags full in the garage. Sort it out, sack whoever and bring efficiency back to what was working.

Posted by Janet I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:34pm

I rang on a Friday to say that the promised green bin collection still hadn't come after 6 weeks and was told that I couldn't report it until Monday because I had to wait until the day after the missed collection - but it was 6 weeks late! I was also told they had a new lady driver who was too nervous to back down my road - then why give her the job/ Perhaps by fobbing people off they get to not count my call!

Posted by A Nonny Rat I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:38pm

Hang on, that is FAR from the truth. Only a few months ago they were DISMISSING CREWS at BMBC. So, what is it? Employing or dismissing? You SIMPLY CANNOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY....

Posted by Paula Taylor I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:52pm

I have emailed them for a blue bin three times. I now have three white sacks, can they not read? At least I have a bag for my paper and a spare, and a spare for the spare, oh and still no blue bin

Posted by Bmbc are shocking I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 4:53pm

I've been waiting 21 weeks for my recycle bins got one delivered 8 weeks ago but they forgot to deliver one. The council is now paying a private company to deliver the bins as they don't have the staff left to do it. The reason complaints are down is because the line now closes at 4:30 before people finish work and even when you get through they no longer have access to the delivery lists for the bins so they can't help

Posted by Wayne I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 5:06pm

Bins in wombwell not emptied again today, it's beyond a joke.

Like said before why change summat that wasn't broke?

We now just throw everything in our black bin cause you just turn up when you want for blue/green/brown

Posted by john I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 5:14pm

Ive been speaking to one of the wagon drivers this morning that was collecting on our street in wombwell and they are also fed up with the change he says that its the top bosses that are to blame changing everything and said it was better on weekly collections and now its all gone mad. the agency,s are recruiting on the councils now because they are run off there feet so they say. ive just applied for a job on the bins myself for which I could be having an induction on Monday all bin well,

Posted by Gem I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 5:49pm

The reason the calls are down is there's a message to tell you their busy

Posted by Craig I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 6:04pm

This is appalling my brown bin has now been out for 2 weeks.... The blue one is going out tomorrow I wonder if that will get emptied.... They should never have messed with it it was fine how it was before

Posted by Mike I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 6:50pm

The whole thing is a sham. Bins should be emptied every week without fail and without exception. We get nothing for the thousands a year we pay in council tax and they can't even get rid of the rubbish. 3rd world Britain in action again. Disgraceful !!!

Posted by EJ I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 7:05pm

Absolutely terrible service!!!

Rent and council tax prices go up - and the amount of services provided go down.. Way down!

There's 7 of us in one house, we recycle as much as we can , but we have the smaller-sized brown

Posted by Steven bates I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 7:40pm

This is a joke. The numbers have halved. Are you having a Laff. The numbers have halved because people can not get through on the telephone number. It's always engaged. Or if you do get through it's a automated system, then they tell you to wait and you get cut off. So people have stopped trying. I've send email after email and still waiting for a reply. Absolute joke. !!!!

Posted by Andy Lee I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 7:51pm

Our bins not emptied again today! Councillors say its teething problems?? Utter shambles! Its a complete joke someone needs to get it sorted or give us a Council Tax rebate!

Posted by Steph Tungate I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 7:57pm

I ordered new bins back in feb and received them 2 weeks ago! I have a young baby and I'm stockpiling rubbish because the council can't be bothered to do their job, we have to make regular trips to the dump to stop it attracting vermin or causing a health hazard and I still pay my council tax! For what? A petty excuse of a council who are not bothered about the residents of their borough, over the months I have rang them countless times because I have a baby and in my opinion it causes a risk to her well being but they simply aren't bothered I receive the same scripted response everytime! It's beyond a joke a perfect example would be myself and all my neighbours put our grey bins out this morn and they're all still sat waiting to be collected even though the dustbin lorry went round the street at the back of us this morning! Incompetent set of ******* is all I can say! A drop in council tax would be lovely seen as we've had a drop in the duties we pay them to do!

Posted by Maureen Twycross I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 8:08pm

RUBISH. And that's just the council . BARNSLEY COUNCIL IS A JOKE

Posted by Claire I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 9:21pm

The calls will have halved because people can't be arsed any more, getting no response - it's a waste of time ringing isn't it!!!! Pathetic.

Posted by rita I Thu 19th Jun 2014 at 9:33pm

I saw a lad delivering green bins to my neighbours house so being helpful I wheeled my not wanted green bin to his van only to be told "Can`t take that love.It`s not on my list,". I pointed out that it was on the pavement causing an obstuction never mind in not being on a list. My logic was that if the lad had rid his van of two green bins for my neighbours that would leave room for my one unwanted bin.Silly memCouncil logic doesn`t work the same as mine so I`m still waiting for my green bin shifting.

Posted by Lesley I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 1:15am

Next door to me is a multiple house occupancy (4 bedsits) which has always had 1 large and 1 small grey bin. The small one dissapeared on one collection day so the occupants were given a spare large one from someone. Both bins get filled!..For the past 6 week , only one has been emptied so here we are with a grey bin full of liquidised, maggot, rat infested waste still out on the pavement awaiting to be emptied or removed. Earlier this week the bin had been upturned and the contents all over the pavement. 4 phonecalls ,all of which saying they will deal with it asap and it's still there waiting for a kiddie to pass and touch the contents, suffer badly or worse and what then? The council may "learn a lesson".....LEARN A LESSON NOW!!

Posted by Rachel I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 12:08pm

My bin was only half emptied on Wednesday, when I rang up to complain I was told to leave the bin out and they will get a crew round to empty it as soon as possible. Today they still have not been so I rang up again she told me i am not the first to complain about bins not been totally empty and I asked when will it get emptied and she said it would not as crews are too busy. So I have a half full bin and 2 weeks till it gets empty again :(

Posted by Judi I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 12:47pm

I ordered a grey and a blue bin in January when we were firs told about this change - so far none received! Made numerous phone calls but again nothing happens, so gave up! Were told to leave recycling out on the appropriate days but its not collected and so having to make regular trips to the tip- can we claim for the inconvenience? Guess not! This whole thing is a shambles, bring back weekly general waste collections they were so much better, can name at least one council who still does this, much healthier!

Posted by Matt I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 1:04pm

Our new bins arrived within 2 weeks.

We get collections as planned and with no problems.

Does anyone think that perhaps the bins aren't emptied as the wrong stuff is in them?

Posted by Matt I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 1:09pm

They also took extra rubbish when we had a clearout one week that was in a different bin, Can't fault them at all

Posted by katy I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 1:22pm

Hi Matt. I am glad to hear your bins have arrived in good tome and are also being emptied on time. Do you live in Cawthorne or somewhere that the public get listened to so's not to let there pretty village look a mess. I can assure you I do recycle correctly the problem is like many I dont have the bins needed. The council have a responsibility to allocate bins especially to people who dont have transport. It simply isn't professional enough in my opinion sorry.

Posted by Rachel I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 2:15pm

We were quite lucky that we were part of the trial and therefore received our larger blue bin before the scheme went town wide and I must admit it does take us a month to fill both that and the smaller brown bin. Our only problem is the paper bag which after the tropical rain bursts over the last few weeks now ways a ton and it not even 2/3rd full. Why could they have not put the card board and paper together, its all pretty much the same thing.

Posted by Matt I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 3:14pm


We live in Worsbrough Dale.. about as un-posh as you can get!

Posted by Rachel I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 3:49pm

We live at the top of Worsbrough Dale and roughly 95% of the time our bins have been collected, if fact its always early in the morning so we have to make sure that we put them out the night before. My mum and dad live at the bottom of the dale and they have an all different story with bins not being collected until 4 days later, however my mum and dad also appear to be on a different bin rotation to us.

Posted by Joan chilcott I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 8:04pm

I've been waiting for my green bin to be emptied since May 16th (assisted bin) was told this week I would be getting it empty and a clean bin.

Now thinking of Human rights, Environment issue, Health Hazard. what ever else I can find. After a month my grey bin was emptied but they forgot something the MAGGOTS at the bottom of the bin. that's not to mentioned the fence broken gate at one stage hanging on one screw. What are we paying out Council Tax for.. Yes forgot the green bin has lodgers little flies and a lovely aroma it stinks it is leaking treacle like substance.

Posted by Jayne Emms I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 10:26pm

I'm still waiting for a blue and brown bin! Flies everywhere. No collection today on our allocated day. It just isn't good enough!

Posted by paula I Sat 21st Jun 2014 at 12:20pm

they brought me two extra bins that i dint even need the right hand dont know what the left hands doing

Posted by Alison Padgett I Mon 23rd Jun 2014 at 11:45am

We have been missed off all routes since the 2nd May

Posted by steve I Mon 23rd Jun 2014 at 10:58pm

Our Bin men are being stretched to breaking point and the new system isn't working with delays in collections I am now finding maggots in my black bin my neighbours bins are falling apart which will soon be attracting vermin.We are aware savings have to be made to the councils budget but at what expense?...come on BMBC sort it out.

Posted by mad I Tue 24th Jun 2014 at 7:11pm

Why can't they put garden waste in the small blue bins as they get emptied fortnightly and leave the cardboard in the bigger green bins?? logical??

Posted by Louise I Wed 25th Jun 2014 at 9:04am

I ordered new bins in February still haven't received them, the ones I have got are the smaller ones and they are smashed and barely held together due to the dustbin lorry, I wonder how long it will take them to smash the new ones once they arrive. But must say the collections haven't been too bad if you can work out what bins to put out when as I keep getting sent the wrong leaflet!

Posted by GR I Wed 25th Jun 2014 at 2:56pm

I ordered my new bins in January. Still waiting for them 5 months later. Emails go unanswered. I complained officially, had an email from a manager promising they would be delivered over a month ago, and still no new bins. I am sick of hoarding my recycling as I don't have enough room in the tiny bins to put it in. At least we are getting the collections when they are supposed to happen though...although in my opinion they're not enough.

Posted by m waller I Tue 8th Jul 2014 at 4:42pm

Getting fed up of not getting my recycling bins emptied may as well go back to just putting everything in grey bin and not try to save land fill.When you phone up to ask if they will get emptied the answer is always leave the bin out and it will get emptied the question is WHEN.The council must be just throwing money away by not providing a better service for people who want to recycle.Still waiting for blue bin for cardboard and white paper bag.Still if they don't get emptied whats the point having them.

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