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More college jobs at risk

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Thursday 19th June 2014
Barnsley College 2014

MORE jobs are affected than first thought by the proposed £600,000 restructure at Barnsley College - with 88 posts likely to go and 28 staff at risk of redundancy.


College management met with the University and Colleges Union and Unison on Monday and notice was issued to unions triggering 30 days formal consultation.


UCU joint branch secretary Lee Short, a course leader for art and design at the college, which employs 800, said the figures were revealed in official documents sent to unions this week.


Last week he warned the dispute could end in strike action and that teaching staff could end up taking pay cuts of up to £12,000 a year.


** The full story appears in the Barnsley Chronicle, dated June 20 **

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Posted by another bc staff I Fri 20th Jun 2014 at 1:06pm

Yet still Barnsley College advertises 20 vacancies. What a class act!

Posted by BCSTAFF I Mon 23rd Jun 2014 at 8:32pm

My Father always told me ' Get a job in Education and you will have a job for life'......That was until Colin Booth got hold of the reins.

Every year there is the threat of getting 'the white envelope'. We are coerced into contracts that are simply ridiculous and very very unfair.

We work above and beyond and what do we get as a thank you? A massive paycut for many years service. I thought the longer you worked the higher up the scale you went? No such luck. Some of us are getting thrown back to the bottom to crawl back up a ladder we have already earned. It is like Snakes and Ladders.

People may ask 'why stay here?'. Well the answer to that is that we love our job, and the students we teach. They always put a smile on our face. I love who I work/worked with. I have invested a lot of time and soul into this job and every year, round about May time I feel sick. They might as well write a yearly restructure into the new contacts.....The staff here need defending, not attacked like on the previous story....

Posted by FormerBCStaff I Tue 1st Jul 2014 at 12:56am

Its always sad to see redundancies being made of course it is, but it is worse when you see where they are coming from... The heart of the teaching staff. Over the course of the last five years i would be inclined to want to know what has happenned to the senior managements renumeration, the cost to the college and whether freezes have been imposed. The college has an inordinate amount of senior managers, a collection of people that grows in number and salary year on year. Whilst cuts are made to the rest of the body of staff. The problem is they have some very good managers in there and they dont want to loose them, so they guild their salaries and create new job titles for them. To the point where the college now has: a principal, vice principals, deputy principlas, drirectors, assistant principles, heads of department, all on salaries £30k for a student cohort of around 4000 it is ludicrous..... And financially unviable how ever you do the maths you cannot make appointed funding stretch that far and cover a teaching staff as well. They need to be made accountable for this and answers need to be given.... Yhe governors in my opinion need to be asking questions and doing what they are enbenched to do; govern, lead and advise, but most of all take action, after all we put them in place because of their experiance no?