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Residents campaign to close 'unruly' bail house

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Tuesday 17th June 2014

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to close a bail house because unruly and lewd behaviour is causing misery for residents.

The three-bed house in Mapplewell is operated by BASS and offers accommodation for those on bail awaiting trial or are on a home detention curfew.

Neighbouring residents on Pye Avenue are calling for it to be shut, branding it a blight on their street.

They claim some of those placed there have made threats to kill; been running across flat roofs at the back of neighbouring properties; peering in bedroom windows; playing loud music late in to the night and making lewd comments to women.


Residents have launched a petition to get it shut, which has been backed by Coun Roy Miller.

Jolan Gergely, head of BASS, said: "We don't tolerate antisocial behaviour from any of our service users and we'll always take action to tackle it.


"We've successfully run our service from the same property since June 2010.

"We'd be happy to talk with any neighbours who have concerns."