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Villagers' anger over housing plans

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Friday 13th June 2014

VILLAGERS 'incensed' about plans for 76 luxury homes on Pilley farmland are venting their anger on a new Facebook page.

The Protect Pilley page was set up by Alan Green, 50, of Pilley Green. It attracted more than 250 followers in a week and furious comments from residents about the two planning applications from Jaguar Estates/Wortley Construction.

The outline plans are for fields off Pilley Green/Lidgett Lane and New Road/Lidgett Lane and have been recommended for approval by Barnsley Council planning officers.

The schemes come up before the council on June 24 but residents say they have not been consulted and will not have time or opportunity to object.


He said 1,500 people had clicked on the links on the Protect Pilley Page and 694 people had liked, commented or shared the page with others.


Coun Roy Miller, from Barnsley Council, said the plans were in outline form and partly because of this, had not been formally amended, which could have triggered the need for a further consultation.


** The full story is in the Barnsley Chronicle, dated June 13. **

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Posted by mick plata I Fri 13th Jun 2014 at 5:11pm

Barnsley council will have known about this course of action for months, maybe years, they have been selling their properties off since financial problems arose years back. give the people of pilley their rights and their say; in less I am wrong , I thought we were a democratic country. Come on council leaders get your act TOGETHER !. Come on everyone support the people of PILLEY.

Posted by Stuart pearce I Mon 16th Jun 2014 at 10:23pm

Over 360 local people have voiced their opposition of this development in a community of of just 700. Clearly not everyone has a voice, but That is an overwhelming opposition. If we live in a democracy, if the brave who fought two world wars for freedom, if a. council tax payer, a tax payer, an elector of local governemnt and parliment cannot be heard what kind of country do we live in? If you support us. If you value your environment as we value ours show you support, visit

Posted by rob I Wed 18th Jun 2014 at 11:08am

too rite villagers should be angry 76 luxury house they should be building 100 affordable housing so the council can put asylum seekers in em.

Posted by pilleyman I Wed 18th Jun 2014 at 11:08am

i agree these fields should not be built on but where were the protect pilley brigade when the houses were built next to the post office ? and reading the objection letters you dont mind them building on the site of the gate inn ,could this be because you cant see them from your window hmmmm

Posted by PROTECT PILLEY I Tue 24th Jun 2014 at 4:51pm

Pilley Development Approved.

After sitting through an hour of farcical 'debate', the committee reached an almost unanimous decision today to approve two developments on safeguarded farmland in Pilley today.


The meeting was biased towards the development with around 90% of the meeting being given to pro-development councillors addressing the judging panel with their recommendations for its approval. No democratic process was at work here. The decision already reached by people I would wage have read little more than a few pages of the planning proposal. This was borne out when one councillor spoke about a "business at the bottom of Lidgett Lane" adding to traffic levels. As any local knows, the Company Shop was relocated to the nearby industrial estate more than 12 months ago and now lies empty (and ironically ripe for exactly this kind of housing development, instead of being left to dereliction).


Nothing drove this point home more clearly than at the start of proceedings. The meeting was delayed because the Council were unable to turn on their computer. After a five minute wait an amused technician appeared and switched it on for the Chamber members and the meeting commenced around 7 minutes late. After a brief introduction and then a glowing report of recommendation by a planning official in support of Jaguar Estates and Wortley Construction's plans, Carol Smart, representing our Parish Council and local resident Lindsey Greaves were invited to speak. First, Lindsey raised her concerns about Lidgett Lane and the danger it holds for drivers and pedestrians and how this would become a death trap with two huge housing developments increasing traffic levels.


Next to speak, Parish Councillor Carol Smart began her address, outlining the reasons 186 people in the village objected to the development and only one supported it. (And not to mention 400 facebook 'Protect Pilley' supporters). The 5 minute timing clock began ticking, but, safe in the knowledge that there were 10 minutes allocated., i.e. 5 minutes for each of the two developments, Carol stated the case on behalf of the village. However, after running just 30 seconds over the 5 minute mark Carol was asked to sum up with a final sentence and to stop speaking.

A debate lasting at least 3 minutes ensued, whilst the chair remonstrated that five minutes was all the time allotted. No doubt Carol would have long finished and been sat back down during this exchange, as she was supported by members of the public in the viewing gallery who were all fully aware of the agreed procedure. Finally, she was given a 2 minute extension to sum up. Ludicrous, given the 7-minute delay at the beginning. Clearly, the opportunity for the democratic process that allows residents to speak is simply 'box ticking' and has no effect on the outcome. It seemed to be suffered rather than celebrated by those in the Chamber, particularly the Chair, as the concerns included serious issues of safety.


There followed a token Q A and then a show of hands. The rest is history, but know this. YOUR SUPPORT HAS NOT BEEN IN VAIN. After the village submitted their concerns last year the developers have been forced to change their plans and to donate £100,000 towards development of the school. They have been forced to donate £1.4m towards an 'affordable housing' development for local people in Birdwell, some road widening provision... and let's not forget, the one thing that we have all been crying out for... the one thing that Pilley REALLY, REALLY needs... yes, a mini roundabout at the junction of Pilley Green and New Road. Oh, and all new residents (NOT you an I, existing residents, oh no), get, £40,000 worth of FREE bus passes, because people who live in 4/5 houses are crying out for FREE public transport as you know.

I am sure that in years to come, as we spin round our new mini roundabout on the skating rink of ice that forms there each winter, due to the lack of road salting, and try and avoid hitting the un-emptied wheelie bins, we can all rejoice that yes, at least we have this fabulous, much loved and much needed mini roundabout to drown our sorrows.

Protect Pilley is now signing off.

Thanks for listening : )


Watch this space.

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