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Councillor suggests flytipping solution

By ashley ball, Wombwell/Dearne Reporter Friday 13th June 2014

PROPOSALS to radically alter land near Straight Lane, Goldthorpe, and make it into landfill have been made by a councillor in an effort to rid the area of a flytipping problem.

The former railway cutting has been blighted by tipping for many years and Coun Ralph Sixsmith said its location, with a bridge over, meant it was easy for people to dump.

The area known as Railway View is owned by Network Rail but is disused.

Coun Sixsmith says regularly sending bills to Network Rail to clear up the rubbish has proven to be tiresome and believes the council should now take responsibility for the land.

Using the site as landfill would generate income and create jobs, he believes.


He said: "I'm going to bring it up with the leader and plan to see what can be done because the people of Goldthorpe don't deserve all this.

"I think it could be easily maintained and it could generate a lot of income.

"I know that we have to pay £56 per tonne at the tip and that would soon add up. Plus we would be the ones managing it and it could also bring some much needed employment."

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Posted by Neil I Fri 13th Jun 2014 at 2:55pm

Right so the solution to fly tipping at the site is to seize the land and allow tipping on the land. Most fly tipping is commercial as the local dump charges for anything it decides is commercial use.

Presumably this would be the same if this site was turned into a new local dump. Meaning the fly tippers would go dump the stuff elsewhere and the locals would have the eyesore of a landfill site.

How about the council just puts up the bills given to private companies for failing to clean up there own land and makes money while keeping the land clean or even offers a regular cleaning price to companies with this problem.and just comes to clean anything on the land once a month/week. Keeping the land clean and the locals happy while at the same time making money