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Happy-go-lucky Maisie celebrates 100th birthday

By gail robinson, Town Reporter Monday 9th June 2014

MAISIE Stocks was born in Brierley club - her parents were stewards there.


In the ensuing 100 years she has lived through two world wars and produced nine children, 21 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren.


On Saturday Maisie was surrounded by her family as she celebrated her centenary - complete with a massive cake, flowers, balloons, cards - and a card from the Queen.


Maisie has never smoked, never drunk a drop of alcohol, never used a swear word and never used face cream, insisting soap and water is the best thing for a youthful complexion.


By the time she was 14 her family had moved to South Hiendley and when she left school her first job was being a maid for a gentleman farmer with a home and farm on Brierley Common.


"I helped on the farm as well as cleaning the house and the first time I was asked to milk a cow, the cow put its foot in the bucket and milk went everywhere," laughs Maisie.


"I used to love going out in the cart to deliver mink to people's homes - it was a nice job, but it was a long way from home."


Maisie married Wilfred Tibble in 1933. They lived in Regent Street in South Hiendley, until 30 years ago when they moved to her present council bungalow in Churchfield Close, Havercroft.


She went on to have nine children, including one set of twin boys and admits she ruled the house and was a strict disciplinarian.


"I was always only a little thing, but I could make them all do as they were told," she says. "Their dad was always at work so it was up to me to make sure they did the right thing.


"I used to have a big strap hanging on the wall and if I pointed at it they all knew I meant business."


Wilfred died in 1989 from a heart attack, but Maisie has kept going - always remaining busy and loving her ever growing family.


A keen bookworm, she used to devour four or five books a week from the local library, knitted all the time and created masterful cross-stitch samplers. Sadly her eyesight is failing so those hobbies have been lost to her, but she still gets enjoyment from the written word via talking books.


She puts her longevity down to leading down to leading a healthy life and 'being a happy person'.


She says: "I'm happy and try to look on the bright side of life - I'm just looking forward to keeping on living."