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Hospice staff made redundant

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Wednesday 11th June 2014

BARNSLEY Hospice has refused to say how many people it has made redundant but one of those forced out says it is 12.

The Chronicle revealed in April that about 26 staff were at risk of redundancy and that a consultation was underway to restructure the retail arm of the charity.

The Chronicle has made several attempts to find out what the results of the consultation were.

Yesterday, deputy marketing manager at the hospice Zoe Mitchell said: "I am afraid I can not disclose how many redundancies there are.
"As you can understand this is a confidential matter we cannot disclose the the number of people who may be affected."

One devastated worker said: "How can it be confidential? From people I've talked to there are 12 I'm aware of, myself included.
"It's been heartbreaking, it really has.

"It's more than a job, for everyone at the hospice I feel, it's always been more than just a job. We love the hospice, and we don't want any of this to have a negative impact on the hospice, but we do feel very badly treated by the management."

In a statement, the hospice explained: "Barnsley Hospice has nine shops which have been declining in income for the past three years.


"We have restructured our retail operation to proactively reverse this trend and ensure we have the best structures in place for our shops to develop and thrive.

"We are committed to retail are are looking to expand retail and open an additional retail shop later this year.

"Barnsley Hospice will be employ more people across the whole organisation and we are committed to delivering as many services as possible to residents in Barnsley."

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Posted by June I Wed 11th Jun 2014 at 4:14pm

Yet they had the money to be giving away frisbees and all sorts in town today.

Perhaps they should remember that people donate to help those in need not for self promotion.

Posted by Laura I Wed 11th Jun 2014 at 6:54pm

Barnsley Hospice is a fantastic charity! They care so much for everyone staying there and if cutting staff means the money goes on care n medication for the dying then so be it as long as the care don't change! The cuts are only in shops anyway Volunteers all the way! Moaning about giving away frisbees is the most pathetic point anybody can write back to this article! Barnsley Hospice probably get things like frisbees, tshirts pens etc free because of the amazing work they do! I will carry on raising money and donating to them because I've seen the work done unlike some people that are first to jump to an opinion! Keep it up Barnsley Hospice :)

Posted by Ted I Wed 11th Jun 2014 at 7:10pm

The shops are very expensive with too many new goods in them

They should look into that

I agree about giving freebies away too it seems daft when you are cutting jobs no matter if they are donated free so is the stuff they sell in shops