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Pensioners targeted by nuisance yobs

By Alison Burkinshaw, Royston Reporter Thursday 12th June 2014

PENSIONERS on an estate in Cudworth claim they are being targeted by nuisance yobs throwing home-made petrol bombs at their bungalows.

Police were called to Rose Tree Estate on Saturday at 7pm after reports of firebomb attacks on homes.

The petrol bombs were believed to have been made with empty beer bottles, filled with petrol, tied in rags, then set alight, according to residents.

Coun Joe Hayward said that incidents such as this were starting to become a problem in the area and had been contacted by several residents.

Shelia Bowering, 74, of Willow Close, was in her bungalow when her neighbour alerted her that one of the bottles had been thrown at her property.

Shelia said the estate was being used as a shortcut to go to Cudworth park, but instead of going straight down the main road through the estate to get there, people are going along paths outside the bungalows.

"It's intimidating when you live on your own, because you wonder if you can say anything. But why shouldn't I say anything, this is my home."

Coun Hayward said:  "I don't understand the mentality of these people, it's a dangerous thing to be doing, and it seems to be a problem in this area at the minute.

"If this carries on there will be a fatality soon I'm sure."

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Posted by Pauline Neal I Fri 13th Jun 2014 at 6:10am

How very sad and scary for the people being traumatized by these hooligans.Its a terrible situation to be in.What is wrong with people? they must be rotten to the core and to think they are somebody's child.

Mrs Bowering I am thinking about you.