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Complaint after Athersley car theft

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Elizabeth Clarke

AN Athersley woman says she has CCTV footage of a man stealing her car but nobody from the police has bothered to come and collect it for more than a week.

Elizabeth Clay was in the shower when a thief crept in through her front door, took her keys and sped off in her Vauxhall Corsa.

A neighbour watched it happen and Elizabeth was able to call police in enough time for officers to chase the car. It was abandoned in Monk Bretton, and the thief ran away.

Elizabeth, 47, of Riber Avenue, Athersley South, said: "I've told police I've got the CCTV on a USB stick ready to collect, but nobody's been.

"You can see him plain as day. If you knew him, you'd recognise him straight away. He could be out there, stealing somebody else's car."

Elizabeth has got the car back, but it was taken to a garage and she says she wasn't warned she'd be hit with a £150 bill for the towing and storage of her car, even though it was driveable and she could have collected it from the scene.

A police spokesman said: "Enquiries continue following a reported burglary in which a car was stolen from a property in Riber Avenue, Barnsley.

"Officers are progressing the investigation, including retrieval of CCTV footage."

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