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Tattoo 'dare' pays off for Barnsley woman

By ashley ball, Wombwell/Dearne Reporter Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Comedian Ross Noble with the tattoo

COMEDIAN Ross Noble was half joking when he dared a Darfield woman to get his face tattooed on her back.

Two years on and he has had to pay up on the bet he made with her, after she had the image of a scary clown he played in a film inked on her.

Lorraine, 46, of Coronation Street, is a big fan of the Geordie comic and got involved with a conservation with him at a gig in York in 2012.

Lorraine, who has 18 tattoos, explained: "Ross had recently done his first film called Stitches. The tattoo is an image of his character.

"He does improvised comedy so after he noticed my tattoos he dared me to get a tattoo on my back and said he would give me a signed dvd.

"I got the tattoo done six weeks after the show and I've been chasing him on twitter since then to show him that I'd done it.

"I suppose it was a bit of a midlife crisis moment but he now knows not to challenge a Barnsley lass."

Ross lived up to his promise of giving her a signed dvd and was impressed with the work done.