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Neighbours rescue pensioner from fire

By Alison Burkinshaw, Royston Reporter Tuesday 3rd June 2014
Jake and Ian Boid

A FIRE at a 'lovely and friendly' pensioner's bungalow is being treated as deliberate.

The blaze which broke out at Dorothy Kaye's home on York Street, Cudworth, early last Thursday, is thought to have started in a wheelie bin.

Ian Boid, 45, told the Chronicle how his son Jake, 18, was first on the scene and alerted the fire service.

Ian said that Jake was asleep at his home on Manor Road, when he was awoken up by the smell of smoke.

"He ran into my bedroom saying that he thought one of the bungalows was on fire, and ran out to help.

"By the time I got there he was already on the phone to the fire brigade.

"The flames were raging, they must have been at least 20ft high, it was really fierce. I've only ever seen fires like that on bonfire night.

"I ran up to the front of her bungalow, banging on the windows, shouting fire, fire.

"I smashed in one of her front windows for her to try and get out.

"We then went round to tell neighbours that they needed to get out too."

Ian said when the fire crews arrived, they went inside Dorothy's house, and lifted her out through the front windows.

"In my eyes, if it wasn't for Jake, there could have been some fatalities that night, not just the old lady, but her neighbours too."

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Posted by Chris I Thu 5th Jun 2014 at 10:31pm

Well done young man you sure saved lives there

Posted by KEZZA14 I Sat 7th Jun 2014 at 7:42pm

Well done to both of you!!! Nice to read a NICE story for once :D