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New members needed for ladies pool league

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Friday 30th May 2014
Ladies pool team

A LADIES pool league is under threat of folding after more than 35 years because there aren't enough new teams to compete against.

The five remaining teams in the league are now appealing to girls and women across the borough to help them save the league by giving the game a go.

Carol Shaw, the league's secretary, plays for a team affiliated with Carlton and Smithies Ex-servicemen's Club, Haddon Road, Athersley.

The other four teams are all based at pubs as well, at The Outpost, Sheffield Road, Barnsley; Shaw Inn, Racecommon Road; Gawber Road Club, opposite Barnsley Hospital, and The Warren on Warren Quarry Lane, Worsbrough Common.

Carol said at one time there were eight teams but over the years this has almost halved. She thinks the lack of new teams coming forward is due to the number of boozers in the borough closing down.

"The number of pubs is dwindling which is traditionally where teams formed, and there are a lot of pubs now that don't have pool tables," she said.

If you think you can form a team at your local pub or would like to join any of the existing teams, the season starts again June 9.


Contact Carol on 235315 or 07837 850307.

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