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Family in fly-tipping accusation

By Ed Elliot, Penistone Reporter Tuesday 27th May 2014

AN APPALLED Penistone family say they were intimidated and accused of illegally fly-tipping by staff at the town's recycling centre.

Alan Hodgson took garden waste to the dumpit site, off Sheffield Road, with the help of his father-in-law Ian Taylor last Sunday.

The pair made a number of trips to the centre, using small cars with little load capacity, before one of the two staff members questioned them.

Alan, 47, of Wheatcroft Gardens, said: "I can understand the council's point of view that they don't want waste from a factory but this is just our waste from home.

"When he said I'd been fly-tipping I couldn't believe it. There's always fly-tipping everywhere and I think it's absolutely shocking but if people take it there (to the recycling centre) and are treated like we were I can understand why they throw it away."


Alan's wife Sarah added: "There is an appropriate way in which to communicate with members of the public and provide them with the information that they need.

"I am utterly disgusted that my father was spoken to in this manner, without any discussion prior to this explaining any limitations on the disposal of garden waste. He was very upset by the experience."


A Barnsley Council spokesman said: "Customer care is very important to us.

"We contact every customer who gets in contact with us directly and where necessary we speak to site supervisors to remind staff across all sites that the council expects all representatives to behave in a kind, helpful and courteous manner at all times."