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Jump primary take matters into their own hands

By helen williams, Hoyland Reporter Friday 23rd May 2014
Jump primary school

CHILDREN at Jump primary school have taken matters into their own hands after Barnsley Council refused the school's request for a crossing patrol.

The children decided to become 'junior road safety officers' and joined in a school competition to design a banner to put up outside the gates. All children took part from reception to Year 6.

The aim is to improve safety on Roebuck Hill and raise awareness about the dangers of inconsiderate parking.

School clerical assistant Sarah Carnevale said: "We have a lot of problems with cars speeding up the hill and inconsiderate parking outside the school. We have requested crossing assistance but have been told by the council that the site does not meet set criteria."

Grandma Lesley Batty, 49, of Roebuck Hill, Jump, contacted the Chronicle last month because she was so worried about traffic problems outside the school.

She feared that a child could be killed, after her nine-year-old grandaughter was nearly run over by a reversing car outside the school.

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Posted by jill hudson-kerr I Sat 24th May 2014 at 5:54am

Typical let's wait until there is a fatality. Come on council members do your job!

Posted by Fread I Sun 25th May 2014 at 8:06am

I live quite near this school and the volume of cars parked is ridiculous and certainly an accident waiting to happen. Yes a crossing patrol would be good, but perhaps if more parents left there cars at home and walked then that would also improve things. The same situation happens at Hemingfield Ellis, but they do now have a crossing lady. Maybe contact The Ellis and see how they got one back ........................

Posted by concerned motorist I Sun 25th May 2014 at 2:14pm

Don't know about ought else they need traffic warden up there double parked all way from top to bottom. This is what is going to get your children knocked down and accidents caused it's totally outrageous. Some sort of parking needs sorting out. I came up other day at school time as I was half way up a taxi was half way down. Luckily nothing was behind him and he reversed all way back up. Though if driver that came over hill hadn't been doing reasonable speed and watching what was going on they would have ended up in back of taxi . Barnsley Council needs to sort something. Also if school tsking upon it's self to get crossing lady (which I wouldn't want to do with chaos there) then perhaps they csn appeal also to parents that insist on double parking.