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Pensioners vow to continue travel pass fight

By Mike Cotton, Town Reporter Thursday 15th May 2014
Pd49270-5 Protesters met outside a meeting to rally against cuts to travel passes for the elderly and disabled.

PENSIONERS have agreed to continue fighting for free rail travel, saying the offer of 'half price' is not good enough.

Transport chiefs are due to vote on Monday on a deal revealed in the Chronicle last week which will give the disabled back their free travel and allow the elderly to pay half fare.


But campaigners say it is not good enough and are holding a demonstration in town tomorrow (Friday), meeting on Eastgate at 11am, and a lobby outside the meeting of the transport authority, on Regent Street, from 1pm on Monday.


** The full story appears in the Barnsley Chronicle, dated May 16. **

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Posted by Marilyn hallworth I Thu 15th May 2014 at 6:11pm

Most disabled are better off than some pensioners.

I know its hard to differentiate but would be better if free for both so yes soldier on

Posted by chan I Thu 15th May 2014 at 6:46pm

It should be free to oaps, people with disabilities n children upto 18. But thats my opinion.

Posted by Arthur Watson I Fri 16th May 2014 at 10:52am

So most disabled people are better off than pensioners Marilyn, can they drive cars, probably not, can they get about as well as other pensioners, probably not, did they ask to be disabled, certainly not. So Marilyn, my advice is button it, you are doing us a great disservice.

Posted by Wendy I Fri 16th May 2014 at 2:03pm

Why should kids go free? To take up seats that people coming home from work who have paid for? Disabled and OAPs yes but not kids.