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Mother feeds family on £1-a-day

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Friday 16th May 2014

A MOTHER fed her family of four on £1 a day each to highlight the struggles families are facing and to raise money for a project which helps them.

Kate Raynor, chairman of the Barnsley Churches Drop In Centre, fed herself, her partner Les and children Sophie Steele, seven, and Matthew Raynor, 12, on porridge, jam sandwiches and an evening meal of meat and vegetables for five days.

Kate, 30, who spent £1 per person, said: "I wanted to make people think about how much food we waste and what we spend our money on.

"I tried to make sure the kids had nutritious food and fruit so they didn't suffer.

"I was hungry most of the week, and I think the mental drain on your well-being was more difficult than the physical hunger."

Kate spent the money on rice, porridge, meat, vegetables, fruit and other items which had to last the family one week.
Anything used in cooking, such as spices, was also included.

Kate said there were many people who attended the drop in, which was originally set up for people with drug and alcohol addictions, who were struggling to make ends meet.

"We're serving about 300 meals every week, there has been a real spike.

"People can get into trouble for a number of reasons, and for those who are just getting by it's the big things like the washer breaking which can cause a crisis."