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Electrician has new job baking cakes

By ian thompson, Town/Court Reporter Friday 9th May 2014
Liam Hirst

NOTHING looks as unyummy as a rusty skip - but when Liam Hirst was asked to produce a cake in the shape of a skip, it went down well.


The cake was ordered by a woman who was sick of her husband rummaging in skips they passed when they went out.

"The customer was so embarrassed she decided to tell everyone about what he did in a cake."

A person 'obsessed' with chicken tika asked Liam, 27, to make a 21st birthday cake in the shape of the dish.

Other special designs have included cakes shaped as a crocodile and a Gibson electric guitar.

Later this year, Liam hopes to make novelty wedding cakes. Orders include one with The Beatles on top and another with logs and a hut.

He set up his business, Liam's Treasured Treats, in 2012 just as cakes surged in popularity.

After attending Edward Sheerien School and serving an apprenticeship, he spent nine years as an electrician. Liam damaged his knees and had to undergo nine months of physiotherapy to re-align his knee caps.


While he was off work, he baked cakes for his children and enjoyed it. "A few people asked me to do cakes for them and things went crazy."