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Dog bite figures released

By Lynsey Bradford, Town Reporter Thursday 15th May 2014

ALMOST 50 people across Barnsley needed hospital treatment after they were bitten by dogs, new figures have revealed.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre Statistics showed 48 people were admitted after being injured by dogs from February last year to January.

The HSCIC said the number of bites was 'particularly high' amongst children and admissions were highest during the summer months.

Injuries included open wounds on the face, wrists, hands, arms and legs, but the most common were on wrists, hands, head and forearm.

A changes to the law now makes it an offence for a dog to be out of control in any place - including all private property.

Kingsley Manning, chairman of the HSCIC, said: "The report shows that hospital admissions for bites and strikes by dogs are three times as high in the most deprived areas of England as in the least deprived areas. This is fascinating new data.

"Our statistics also show that hospitals have dealt with more admissions for bites and strikes by mammals compared to last year.


"We know that dog bite rates are particularly high among young children. As we head towards the summer months, when admission rates for dog bites are at their highest, these trends may be worth further study by healthcare organisations and public sector bodies."