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Woman searches for long lost brother

By Alison Burkinshaw, Royston Reporter Friday 9th May 2014
Chris Jordan

A WOMAN is trying to find the brother she only discovered she had a few months ago.

Chris Jordan, 61, now lives in Appley Bridge, Lancashire, but grew up in Grimethorpe and believes her half brother, Douglas Lockwood, may still live there.

She found out about Douglas's existence through the Ancestry UK website, which revealed he was born on September 8 1942.
She and Douglas have the same father, also called Douglas Lockwood, but a different mother.

Chris said: "I know that Douglas's mum was called Mary Ann Sharma and his mum and dad got married on October 8 1942. His mother died the year after.

"My dad then married my mum in 1946, and they went on to have four children, which I am one of. I was born in Grimethorpe and we all grew up there.

"I've racked my brains, and I can't think of one time when I was growing up, that Douglas was mentioned. He was born in Grimethorpe too, and as far as I know, he's still there now. The whole thing came as a complete shock to me as I had absolutely no idea that he existed.

"Both my mum and dad are now dead, and I have lost contact with my other three siblings. It would be really nice to get in touch with him, even it's just an email or a telephone conversation.

"I'd love to hear from him just to find out about his life and know how he is."

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Posted by Emma I Mon 12th May 2014 at 7:01pm
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