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Thieves use metal archway as climbing frame

By ashley ball, Wombwell/Dearne Reporter Friday 9th May 2014
Wombwell High Street

THIEVES could be using the metal archway between shops on Wombwell High Street as a climbing frame to break into premises via the roofs, police fear.

The High Street has been blighted by a rising number of break-ins over the last year and now a suggestion has been made to dismantle the archway to discourage them.

The structure, known locally as the monument archway, is between the Yorkshire Bank and Thomson travel agents and straddle the path that leads to Pearson's Field.

It has now been identified by local PCSOs and the police's crime reduction officer as the location where thieves climb up to gain access.

Crime reduction officer Chris Squires has put forward the suggestion of removing part of the archway to make it more difficult to climb up.

Wombwell Coun Dick Wraith confirmed the council will look to act upon the recommendation.

He said: "It has got to be looked at. If taking pieces out of the monument will help reduce crime then that's something we will try to do."