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Dayzie bites off more than she can chew

By stephanie daley, Assistant Editor Friday 25th April 2014
Dayzie the puppy

DAYZIE the puppy bit off more than she could chew when she put her head completely through a teething ring and got it stuck around her neck.

When all efforts by her owner to remove the ring failed, eight-week-old Dayzie, a cross between a Shih Tzu and West Highland Terrier, had to be taken to the vets and given a general anaesthetic so the rubber ring could be removed.

Dayzie had only been with her new owner Kaysie Purcell, of Rutland Place, Wombwell, for five days when her inquisitive nature got her into trouble.

Kaysie, 21, tried in vain to remove the ring using soap and water but said there was no way she could get it off. The pup was becoming more and more distressed so Kaysie took her to Abbey Vets in Barnsley.

Vet Anouska Simpson anaesthetised Dayzie and once the muscles in her ear had relaxed she was able to slip the teething ring off.

Kaysie said: "I didn't actually see Dayzie getting the teething ring stuck around her neck.

"I'd been watching TV and holding the ring out for Dayzie but when I glanced down I saw that she had managed to get her head inside it and it was around her neck.

"Dayzie has quite big ears and they were preventing me from getting the ring off again."