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Dodworth volunteers do rubbish blitz

By Katia Harston, Chief Reporter Friday 25th April 2014
Junior Wardens

ALMOST 40 bags of rubbish were collected on a litter pick in Dodworth organised by the village's crime and safety group.

The Dodworth Junior Wardens were keen to take part with their parents on the three hour blitz around the village.

They joined members of the crime and safety group along with local councillors and police, meeting at the Dil Raj car park last Saturday.

Everyone was issued with safety equipment and litter pickers before being informed of safety concerns and told not to pick up sharps or drug paraphernalia.

They split into two groups with the first tackling parkland between Jermyn Croft and South Crescent and the second group blitzed the grass verge opposite Fall Bank Industrial Estate.

A total of 38 bags of litter were collected plus a large crate full of bottles and miscellaneous items.

A crime and safety group spokesman said: "Despite the hard work of both groups, there was an enthusiasm for further litter picks as everyone had worked well together and enjoyed a good community spirit.

"Some parents of the junior wardens even offered to organise refreshments for any future similar event."

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Posted by Zilch UK I Mon 28th Apr 2014 at 7:29am

Great to see this happening. A necessary part of eliminating littering but we hope that effort is also being put in to stopping the drop.

Otherwise it'll be the responsible many picking up after the feckless few forever!